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Jessica and Darryl Ellis

#13: Co-leading Worship: Part 2


I love co-leading worship with Jessica Ellis. We met in 2005 at Bible college, my last year was her first year. Once she arrived, there was so much buzz about her voice. People would tell me that I needed to meet this girl because she was so good. Not only did I meet this girl, she ended up being my roommate. We got along super fast and now she is…



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Do you know Jesus? The most important relationship you will ever develop is the relationship you have with Jesus. Too often we get caught up in doing for Christ, serving at the church, teaching a class, leading worship, helping with a fundraiser, or serving people, that we forget the most important part of why we do what we do – It’s called neglect, when we spend more time doing for…

Nena Francois - Melodie Cheri Zepeda

#13: Co-Leading Worship: Part 1


I want to share this with you. I want to share a little bit of background on my experience co-leading worship. From when I first started to now. Not just the person who introduces the songs and exhorts the people into worship. The drummer, the keyboard player, bass player, every person carries the same honor and responsibility. I have learned through years of being in worship ministry that there are…


#7: Let Yourself Be Led By The Holy Spirit

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Are you Self led or Holy Spirit led? To live by the Holy Spirit instead of living by our own sinful nature sounds a lot easier than it really is. I’m sure you have been told this very ambiguous piece of advice before: Just let the Holy Spirit guide me? How does that happen exactly? Are there some magic words I must say? Is there a verse in the Bible…